dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Love Like a Sunset, original.

When I saw last Sofia Coppola movie, on saturday afternoon, I was not really living on the perfect world. I was not enclined to receive all the beauty of the world. I just had a weird day, a weird night, and I must say i didn't get too much to sleep. I was exhausted. I just wasn't mentally prepared to see this film. But I found out that it was the perfect medicine to get better. The open scene, with the music Love Like a Sunset is a huge, huge heart breaking thing. It's simple, beautiful and deeply retrospective. I had the impression my body was melting with the cinema's chair. Must say, it was a strong moment in the history of my tiny little cinematic culture. Maybe if You see this movie in another context, another day, another country, you will not be touched the same way I was. And it was not the best movie I've ever seen. This is not an apology to this great, wonderful movie. I admire a lot Sofia Coppola's work, the tender way she films her actors, her soft voice, the way she sees boredom, and how she can make a stranger very intimate. I was just deeply touched by the open scene. To know if you will too, you should just go and see it.

Mp3 Download: Love Like a Sunset - Phoenix

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